“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.”

John’s father died when he was 15. His father grew up during The Great Depression and made sure to instill a value of hard work in his children. After his father died, John dropped out of school with only a tenth grade education and began working as a dishwasher. While working as a dishwasher, his boss at the restaurant introduced John to network marketing. John said it all came together when his son was two. “My life changed over fifty cents,” he said. His son asked him for a fifty cent Matchbox car. John told him no. He didn’t want to tell him no but he couldn’t even afford the fifty cent toy for his son. At that point, he knew something had to give.

Never in my mind did I think I would go on to make a full-time living and change thousands of lives.

John remembers, “I was stressed out, burnt out and looking for a way out.” At that point, a couple hundred dollars a month would have been a huge help for him and his family. “When I hit my first $500 in the industry, I thought I hit the lotto. Never in my mind did I think I would go on to make a full-time living and change thousands of lives.”

John, a quick-talking, Pennsylvania native now lives in Utah with his family. He has four children, ranging from three to twenty-three. His two youngest daughters, the youngest adopted and the other biological, both have special needs. “If we didn’t have financial stability we wouldn’t have been able to bring her into our lives,” said John referring to his youngest daughter. Having a child is expensive but parents of special needs have an additional financial burden for things like occupational or speech therapy. Luckily, because of network marketing, John and his wife have the ability to run business on their terms. They are free to take the girls to therapy or spend the mornings with them.

John left three previous direct sales companies because he felt like the people underneath him were not making money. He walked away from three full-time incomes because it didn’t feel right. He says he now has a home at M. He knows this is a place where everyone can win. He said it is a company with integrity. Now John is working to change lives through M. “There are so many people out there looking for an extra $200-500 a month. These people are struggling, maxed out on hours and looking for something to add to their bottom-line at the end of the month,” said John.

If he can help even a few more people gain financial stability, he feels like he’s done his job.
Welcome home, John.

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