“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.”

Kansas City, Missouri, native Andy Willoughby (or, as some of you may know him by his ID: “007”) likes his CoreAO•STIKs shaken, not stirred. If you see Andy around, you’ll be sure to get a hearty welcome. His 30 years of managing radio stations earned him a friendly catchphrase of “How in the world are ya?!” And he means it. Andy is a genuinely nice dude, and we’re glad to having him on board. While vice president of a network of radio stations several years ago, he was acquainted with the health and wellness industry, and he’s been hooked ever since!

If he can convince a teenager to change his ways, Andy’s potential is limitless!

Andy became involved in network marketing and soon realized he was making five times more through direct sales than he was making at his full-time job! So he “cut the cord” and signed onto sales for the long haul. The best part? He works about HALF the hours now, compared to when he was managing radio stations, a true success story of someone who manages his OWN business on his OWN time. As a matter of fact, Andy wakes up every morning with a mantra of “It’s Andy Time!”

On “Andy Time” he likes to share his M products with his friends and family. He even has a 15-year-old grandson who has now traded in soda, sports drinks and energy drinks for CoreAO and GO! Andy figures if a grandpa can convince a teenager to change his ways, the potential for this company is truly limitless! Since speaking with Ryan Anderson a few months ago, Andy has been loving M every step of the way, enjoying it for himself and sharing it with his friends, and hopes that M will be the final landing place in his storied networking career.

Andy’s life philosophy is simple: “It’s better to do what God is blessing, than to get Him to bless what you’re doing.”

Wise words from a great new addition to M: Willoughby; Andy Willoughby. Welcome!

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