“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.”

After fantastic highs and frustrating lows over the course of their years in network marketing, AJ and Jill Willoughby were convinced, as recently as just a few months ago, that they’d have to accept the “corporate-America rat race” for the rest of their lives.

“We both got to be stay-at-home parents and raise our amazing children and travel the world!”

Jill recalls the huge success they’d first experienced in networking. “We both got to be stay-at-home parents and raise our amazing children and travel the world!” she recalls. “We experienced a life free from financial worries and time restraints.”

AJ reports their second experience was less joyous. “We experienced just-as-huge failures and disappointments,” he says. “We had gone to a place of defeat, despair, and even depression—especially for me as the head of the household, with seven kids!” Jill paints the picture of their reality: “We hit bottom—and not just financially, which is hard enough. We took a major hit in our belief system: belief in the [networking] industry, and especially in the confidence and belief in ourselves.”

So the Willoughbys found jobs, managing retirement centers for a large corporation. “We worked crazy hours, both on-call 24/7,” reports Jill. Both know they were fortunate to get to provide a great service for their elderly clientele and to be well compensated, but their future felt bleak.

“As time went on, we realized we had stopped living our lives, and we had even begun to lose our identity,” says AJ. “We had traded our lives and dreams of a life run by our jobs. Our thoughts, our visions, our hopes, and even our free time was being run and decided by a group of people in an office building thousands of miles from us, who controlled us with money and the fear of insecurity.”

Friends from their years in direct sales kept trying to introduce the Willoughbys to other products and opportunities, but AJ and Jill knew what to look for, and nothing ticked all of the boxes. “Perhaps we had our ‘one shot,’” Jill says, “and it was over now,” AJ says he felt the same way. “We truly thought network marketing was a thing of the past for us.”

It was AJ’s dad, Andy, who introduced them to M.Network—and to a renewed sense of hope for their future. “He said, ‘I’m doing a new company and you should join with me,’” says Jill. “We knew he wouldn’t let up, so we joined—even though we had no intentions of giving it the time of day! We really didn’t give that little ‘pixie-stick’ pack much credit!”

Now they don’t go a day without. Jill has her own journal’s worth of product successes, and AJ may be onto something with his personal favorite: “CoreGoSoul,” he announces, with a twinkle in his eye. “Everyone always asks me what my one favorite product is, and since I can’t decide, I just ‘stack’ the Core, Go, and Soul mixed together in one drink—and there you have it: CoreGoSoul. If you say it fast enough several times in a row, it actually sounds like one product!”

The Willoughbys love sharing M, and one example is particularly inspiring. Jill sets the scene: “In our first few days of building our M business, AJ and I had been praying to know where to start and who to call. As AJ was driving down the freeway, he saw a truck with ‘Ellis Battery’ written on the side. Right that minute he called Wayne Ellis, a friend in Canada we hadn’t talked to in years. Within a couple of days Wayne and his wife, Angela, came into our M business, and now they’re a couple of our exploding leaders!”

AJ and Jill are thrilled to report all seven kids are Members, and they—along with their three (soon to be five!) grandkids and Great-Grandpa Andy—are flooring it back to their future.

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