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Josh Wyles, Top Industry Leader, Joins M.Network

Josh Wyles

Josh Wyles has a true rags-to-riches story. He went from working as a police officer, earning $30,000 a year, to retiring after earning multiple six figures in his first year. He was a police officer for just under five years before being introduced to network marketing. It changed his life. “It’s surreal, to remember just five years ago I was broke, living on food stamps in a camper in my grandparents’ backyard, to traveling the world and earning more in a month than I used to earn in a whole year,” Wyles said.

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M Network Launches Industry First Great-Tasting Nootropic Beverage


M Network ( SLC, UT) announces the launch of two Nootropic beverages.

Nootropics, a class of dietary supplements (nous (mind) and tropic (altering or bending)  were originally formulated to help military pilots, graduate students, CEOs and entrepreneurs stay awake longer, focus better, and improve mental function.  Nootropics are becoming more widely used among the rest of the population to reach their peak mental performance without the jitters, crash and brain boosting ineffectiveness of traditional energy drinks.

The idea of Nootropics and smart drugs gained traction with Bradley Cooper’s movie “Limitless.” Although the movie is fictional, the idea of brain improving drugs and supplements started gaining popularity in some circles.

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Industry Leader John Zenes Joins M.Network


John Zenes is looking to help others find success.

John Zenes has reached the highest ranks of three direct sales companies. He has generated millions in revenue. Surprisingly, John Zenes’ background is that of a high school dropout dishwasher. He only has a tenth-grade education and had no network when he set out in to the industry.

Despite making full-time incomes at his three previous companies, he was not happy. Zenes said, “I felt like I was renting space for the last five years – I didn’t have a home.” Zenes has been in the industry for 20 years. He said he entered the industry for two reasons, “I wanted to make money, and I wanted to help others who didn’t have the means, reach success.” Ultimately, his driving force was a need to help others.

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Top Earners Brandon Vydelingum and Michele Donovan Join M.Network


Brandon Vydelingum and Michele Donovan looking to reach new heights with M.Network.

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2, 2017 ( – Since joining their previous direct sales company five years ago, Michele Donovan and Brandon Vydelingum served as major catalysts in the expansion of a global skincare company. They were responsible for generating millions in revenue and leading thousands of people spanning all corners of the globe.

“The leadership and the corporate team is authentic and congruent with who they are and who they say they are which gives us confidence the M.Network will have our best interest at heart, especially as we are laying the legacy of our family in their hands.”

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Direct Sales Company Launches – M.Network

by TED NUYTEN on JANUARY 30, 2017

This is the members’ company and we let our members lead the way,” said CEO Kerry Brown.

Disillusioned by the multitude of insincere and outdated opportunities, M.Network was compelled to transform the realm of entrepreneurship while positively impacting the world. M is creating a network of the most passionate elite.

The five creators – Kerry Brown, Nate Farnsworth, Ryan Anderson, Will Pigg and Scott Miller- collectively bring more than 100 years of combined industry experience. They have built an innovative company that is disrupting the industry.

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