research ignites innovation.

Creativity is thinking about new things.
Innovation is doing new things.

Boldness and forward thinking are two integral qualities of M.Network. In order to set the industry pace, we developed a testing ground exclusively for our members. It is our space for innovation, a place to put all of our most exciting ideas into play. We are the Members’ Network, thriving off the involvement and feedback of our members. M. Labs is a space for all of our innovations, with our members having exclusive access.

"So you do have a plan?”
“Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!"

Each product will only be available for Members in their Back Office. We will seek feedback, tweak anything that needs tweaking and decide if and when to launch into the market.

Our goal is to ensure the perfect version of the product goes to market.

M is YOUR company.
M.LABS is your testing room.

M Members head to your Back Office cart to
see and experiment with what’s in the LAB.

Be a part of shaping the Force of M.

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